Detailed Report for the Meeting on May 21 (meeting #23)

2011/08/21 9:58 に VTMC Admin が投稿   [ 2011/08/28 9:02 に更新しました ]
On May 21st, Visionaries Toastmasters Club Meeting #23 was taken place at Nakahara Shimin-kan. The meeting was held as regular time (18:00-20:00), which was attended by two second-time guests and three first-time guests.

In the meeting, TM D-na served as the TMOE for the first time.

 As a Word of the Evening, TM T_ka introduced the word “Vogue”. Then TM N-ta conducted the Table Topics Session for the first time. TM I-shi, TM S-ki and TM M-i made impromptu speeches, which were about your Boss, Romance, and Stress, respectively.


There were four prepared speeches.

1) The first speaker was TM M-to, “Own or rent” .

     TM M-to told about housing and advised which might be better to own or rent, from the point of financial.

2) The second speaker was TM J-ra, “Inspired by the balloonist”.

     TM J-ra told about Richard Branson and explained importance of challenging.

3) The third speaker was TM T-chi, “A guy who wait for me in the rain”.

     TM T-chi had a speech with good body language. Then, it was funny ending to know ‘FROG’ is waiting her.

4) The fourth speaker was TM M-ta, “Ryoma and I”.

     This was Ice Breaker speech, but TM M-ta explained speaker’s home town and spirit, with relation to Ryoma very clearly.


After an intermission, TM I-sa conducted a marvelous Evaluation Session, which was supported by evaluators TM K-ta, TM Y-da, TM I-ki, and TM M-chi.

 Prizes were awarded to … 

              TM I-shi (Best Table Topic Speaker)

              TM Y-da (Best Evaluator)

              TM P-ra (Best Speaker)

 TM Y_ra, thanks for taking a role as a timer and vote counter.

Thanks, TM K-shi for Ah-counter, and TM F-ma for grammarian.

 It was good news that two second-time guests (TM M-da, TM U-ma) declared to join in our Club.

In the end of the meeting, Officers' election was held and seven members were elected as the officers for the year 2011/2012. CONGRATULATIONS!!