Detailed Report for the Meeting on April 16 (meeting #21).

Post date: Jul 13, 2011 4:18:11 PM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC), the 21st regular meeting was successfully held at Techno Kawasaki on April 16, 2011.

This meeting was held in the morning (10:00 am to12:00) instead of evening, as well as previous meeting #20. It was one month after the Northeast Japan Earthquake.

At the beginning of the meeting, President F-ma announced that TMOM would be late arriving about 30 minutes due to the personal accident in the morning. However, President F-ma called the meeting to order 10:00 o’clock and well started the meeting substituting for TMOM.

TM D -na introduced “Compliment” as the word of morning.

TM I-sa, Thought of the Morning and TM K-ta made their speeches and questions on the situation after disaster. Table Topics are a code meaning impromptu speech. The moderator, TM K-ta selected how to contribute revival as topics. Four participants successfully responded to questions.

There were five prepared speeches, as for the first to third speakers, their project was Project 1: The Ice Breaker, and the fourth and fifth speakers, their project was Project 2: Organize your speech.

The first speaker was TM N-ta, “I have a dream” . TM N-ta explained about featuring his personal past history, indomitable challenging spirit.The second speaker was TM O-mi, “Be active”. TM O-mi introduced the speaker’s parent character at first, guessing speaker’s gene, expecting something goodness by having no perseverance character but looking for achieving successful result.

The third speaker was TM M-to, “My career”. TM M-to introduced speaker’s many past overseas business experiences, and what learned through these opportunities.

The fourth speaker was TM Y-to, “Joining Project Manta”. TM Y-to explained speaker’s opportunities of joining great project, expecting something new and challenging spirit in the future.

The fifth speaker was TM K-sh, “Thank you”. TM K-shi introduced speaker’s past experiences why the speaker had a mind of “Thank you “and necessity for having such a mind in society.

After five minutes intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by TM I-shi. It was really good session under the motto of “Evaluate to motivate”. Each evaluator gave his /her personalized opinion, positive and having fair and balanced criticism.

Accidentally, at the time of evaluation session, aftershock occurred, President F-ma asked for all participants to be calm down and opened Exit door immediately. We were all safely, and completed meeting successfully.

- Award Presentation-

The best Table Topics winner: TM Y-da

The best Evaluator winner: TM T-gi

The best Speaker winner: TM O-mi

TM M-ma, TM S-ki and TM Y-da, thanks for taking a role as a Timer, Gr&AhCo and Vote counter. Also, thank you for attendance from other TM clubs (TM guests).

It was good announcement that TM M-ta declared to join our Club.

After the enjoyable yet productive meeting, most of members went to the restaurant nearby and had a lunch over enjoyable communications. After that, some of members went to Hanami…