Detailed Report for the Meeting on April 2 (Meeting #20)

Post date: May 28, 2011 6:48:29 AM

On April 2, the 20th meeting of Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) took place at Techno-Kawasaki near the Mizonokuchi Station. In the collective effort of Eastern Japan to save electricity, our meeting was held in the morning instead of the evening. This was the first time the VTMC meeting was held since the disaster, and the meeting started with a moment of silence for the victims.

Considering the unstable situation after the earthquake, the number of speeches was limited to two. The first speaker was TM M-yama. Being a nurse of radiology, TM M-yama explained about the safety on radioactive materials; the most timely and sought-after topic in Japan at this time. The second speaker, TM I-gaki, gave his presentation based on the manual “The Discussion Leader”. Assuming that the VTMC members consisted of the cabinet of Japan and TM I-gaki was the Prime Minister, he presented the idea “The capital of Japan should be changed from Tokyo to Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto or Nara). Then he involved all the audience and led the discussion to reach the consensus. The topic was once again a very timely one, and though opinions from both sides competed well, the cons (the capital should stay in Tokyo) won the majority.

TM K-bata, Thought of the Evening and TM Y-da, Table Topics Master, also made their speeches and questions on the earthquake. TM Y-da mainly asked questions on the electricity scarcity. Since the problem was a big concern for everyone living in the Kanto area, the questions were answered enthusiastically by members and guests from other Clubs.

The meeting welcomed several first-time guests and also guests from other Clubs. The after-meeting lunch gettogher was also a great opportunity for members to communicate with each other. Visionaries Toastmasters Club not only offers members the opportunity to practice making speeches in front of an audience using English as a communication tool, but also the chance to make friends with people from different backgrounds.

Our next meeting will be held on April 16 in the morning at Techno-Kawasaki starting at 10am. The meetings in May are to be held in the evening starting at 6pm. Guests are welcome to attend. Please click here for more information on our Club, and please contact us if you wish to observe any of our meetings.