Detailed Report for the Meeting on August 6 (meeting #28).

Post date: Sep 5, 2011 4:01:40 PM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) the 28th regular meeting was successfully held at Nakahara Shiminkan on August 6, 2011. There were total seven(7) guest participants who were three(3) TM guests and four(4) non-TM guests.

TM M-ta introduced “Fabulous” as word of the Evening. TM M-ta explained about meaning of "Fa-" well. Then,TM M-chi started to control the meeting as TMOE (ToastMaster of the Evening) with presence of mind.

TM N-ta had a speech about recent China high speed train crash and Kansai train cash in Japan in 2005, as Thought of the Evening. Next, Table Topic session started. Table Topics are a code meaning impromptu speech. The moderator, TM T-ka who was first time to be moderator, asked about “1) city where you want to visit, 2) the most memorable vacation, 3) special factor for teamwork, and 4) how to take care if you are GM of women football team" as topics. These were good question as current topic of NADESHIKO Japan. Four participants including TM guest responded to questions well.

There were four prepared speeches,.

1) The first speaker was TM S-ki, “Aliens in Life”.

TM S-ki talked about story of the subject with Body speaks.

2) The second speaker was TM K-ta, “What is your Priority?”.

TM K-ta talked about importance to consider priority with several references of recent accident of China train, situation of government in Japan, his experience at construction site, and space shuttle program in US.

3) The third speaker was TM T-chi, “Let’s Go”.

TM T-chi suggested 3 activities that TM T-chi recommends to do in summer time. It was interesting speech with good body speaks.

4) The Forth speaker was TM T-ra, “ The Magic Moment”

TM T-ra was guest speaker, but TM T-ra did so great speech. After his speech, it was informed from TMOE M-chi that TM T-ra won the 2011 all-Japan speech contest in May and is preparing his speech for Las Vegas in August. It was fabulous time for participants to listen/watch TM T-ra speech.

After five minutes intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by TM M-wa.

It was really good session under the motto of “Evaluate to motivate”. Evaluators were TM M-ma, TM Y-to, TM K-shi, and TM I-ki. Each evaluator gave his /her personalized opinion, positive and having fair and balanced criticism. TM I-ki did an impressive and powerful evaluation for great speech of TM T-ra, but time was over.

Award Presentation,

The best Table Topics winner: TM Y-da

The best Evaluator winner: TM K-shi

The best Speaker winner: TM T-ra

TM J-ra, TM M-da and TM Y-da, thanks for taking a role as a Timer, Grammarian, and AhCo&Vote counter. Also, once again, thank you for attendance of many guests. And also, we wish TM T-ra will be able to have a good speech in Las Vegas in August.

After the enjoyable and productive meeting, many members went to the 2nd Party over enjoyable communications.