Detailed Report for the Meeting on February 19 (In-house Contest!)

Post date: Apr 7, 2011 9:23:41 AM

On January 19, Visionaries Toastmasters Club Meeting #18, our first In-house contest was taken place at Nakahara Shimin-kan.

Four contestants competed in In-house contest.

In-house contest was conducted by TM I_shi as a first Contest Chair and TM I_ki as a distinguished Chief Judge.

There were four prepared speeches.

First speaker was TM I_sa and delivered her speech titled "The apartment hunting". She told us the event while she was searching for her apartment and how to search for the apartment.

The second speaker was TM Y_ra, whose title was "Prison Break", which means prison exists inside her. She gave us a strong message related to her decision in her life.

The third speech was given by TM S_ki. His speech title was “The big red shrine gate". He gave us a quite impressive symbol, which is the big red shrine gate he saw while he traveled around southern island.

TM T_chi was the last speaker. Interestingly, she gave us a unique speech, whose title was "Precious moment on one's life".

She used a projector in a skillful way, and moved around in a speaking area freely.

After an intermission, TM M_chi interviewed each of contestants and TM F_ma served as a Table Topics Master.

Prizes were awarded to …

TM M_mi (Best Table Topic Speaker)

TM Y_ra (1st winner for In-house contest)

TM T_chi (2nd winner for In-house contest)

TM Y_ra will move on to Area 41 contest as a representative of our club. Area 41 contest will be held on Mar.5.

Timers: TM T_gi and TM P_sha and Tally Counters: TM K_ta and M_chi, thanks for taking roles.

TM O_mi declared to join our Club, followed by the induction ceremony!

At a second party, we celebrated our successful first In-house contest!