Detailed report for the meeting on January 15

Post date: Jan 24, 2011 7:41:08 PM

On January 15, Visionaries Toastmasters Club Meeting #15 was taken place at Nakahara Shimin-kan. The first meeting of this year was the theme meeting titled "Living a Patriotic Life", which was attended by two second-time guests, our long-time supporter TM I_shi and four first-time guests. In the meeting TM M_ma served as the TMOE for the first time as a pure member in VTMC.

Several members attended the meeting in Kimono and the entire meeting was conducted with the spirit of patriotism by Japanese, American and Sri Lankan members.

As a GRAHCO, TM S_ki introduced the word “generous”. Then TM Ko_shi conducted the Table Topics Session and TM T_chi, TM I_shi and TM F_ma made impromptu speeches, which were about her patriotism, his plan for 2011 and her memorable event in 2010 respectively. Surprisingly, it was the first time for TM F_ma that she made her TT speech at VTMC!

There were four prepared speeches. First speaker was TM Y_to and gave her first speech titled “Starting an Active Year with Ekiden”. She told us how we can enjoy watching Ekiden and now everyone know that she is an enthusiastic runner!

The second speech was given by TM Y_wa. His speech title was “New Shape of Wealth in Japan”. He gave us quite an interesting idea to create supportive society.

The third speaker was TM G_to, who gave his first speech in English at VTMC. He titled his speech as “Proud of Japanese Martial Art Judo” and introduced the founder of Judo and explained its spirit. We know that he is fascinated by judo.

TM P_s was the last speaker. Interestingly, he gave us a famous speech, which was done by Patrick Henry in 1775, titled “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”. Since when the speech was given at first time was quite a long time ago, some of the words and expressions were literary, a written material was distributed. We could feel a spirit of America from his speech.

After an intermission, TM D_na conducted a marvelous Evaluation Session, which was supported by well experienced evaluators TM M_chi, TM T_gi, TM I_shi, and TM I_ki.

Prizes were awarded to …

TM F_ma (Best Table Topic Speaker)

TM I_ki (Best Evaluator)

TM Y_to (Best Speaker)

TM Y_ma and TM N_chi, thanks for taking a role as a timer and vote counter.

TM Ka_ta, TM Yo_da (ex-member of Den-en-toshi Toastmasters Club) and TM I_shi declared to join our Club, followed by the induction ceremony! With two "pure" members joining our Club, we need only one member before the Club gets chartered.

Our next meeting features a workshop by TM Kiminari Azuma, most famous speech champion in Japan - please do not miss it! Also please note that the place will be in Techno Kawasaki near the Mizonokuchi Station, not the usual Nakahara Shimin-kan.