Detailed Report for the Meeting on July 02 (meeting #26).

Post date: Aug 28, 2011 10:50:26 AM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) the 26th regular meeting was successfully held at Nakahara Shiminkan on July 2, 2011. Total 6 guests, 2 guests were TM member and 4 guests were non-TM member, came to this meeting.

TM Y-da introduced “Sustain” as the Word of the Evening, then TM K-shi started to control the meeting as TMOE (ToastMaster of the Evening). This was the first time for TM K-shi.

At first, TM P-sha gave speech with nice story as Thought of the Evening and TM S-ki took a role of Joke Master with interesting speech about his friend’s experience.

Next, Table Topic session started. Table Topics are a code meaning impromptu speech. The moderator, TM I-ki well controlled Table Topic session with 5 good questions. All questions were very organized and speaker answered with nice answer and speech.

There were four prepared speeches,

1) The first speaker was TM M-ta, “The power of robots” with Project 2.

TM M-ta explained about story and experience related to his experience about industrial robot

2) The second speaker was TM M-da, “SAS, my motto” with Project 1.

TM M-da is very first speech in TM, but he really succeeded his debut with his motto.

3) The third speaker was TM M-to, “Malaysia” with Project 3.

TM M-to has good knowledge and experience about Malaysia and introduced Malaysia with his work experience.

4) The fourth speaker was TM Y-ra, “Seasons in the sun” with Project 2.

TM Y-ra gave speech with nice picture and captured audiences’ attention.

After five minutes intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by TM T-chi.

TM T-chi was first timer of general evaluator, but TM T-chi asked each evaluator before the meeting and introduced each evaluator with her research ‘What is your plan of summer vacation?”. It was one of good way to introduce, and TM T-chi well did. Evaluators were TM N-ta, TM D-na, TM T-ka, and TM M-to. Each evaluator gave his /her personalized opinion, positive and having fair and balanced criticism.

- Award Presentation -

The best table topics winner: TM F-ma

The best evaluation winner: TM D-na

The best speech winner: TM Y-ra

Once again, thank you for attendance of many guests.

As usual, 2nd party was held after the meeting near Musashi-kosugi station. Some guests also joined the party and shared wonderful time over beer.