Detailed Report for the Meeting on June 04 (meeting #24)

Post date: Aug 22, 2011 3:15:49 PM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) the 24th regular meeting was held at Techno Kawasaki, on June 4, 2011.This meeting was held in the morning (10:00-12:00) specially, since Charter Ceremony of our Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) was taken place after the meeting. Many TM Guests (Supporters of VTMC) participated in the meeting, so that meeting itself became special. Thank you very much for warm supports.

TM M-wa introduced “Enthusiastic” as the word of morning. Then, TM T-gi started to control the meeting as TMOM (ToastMaster of the Morning) steadily.

Table Topics session was moderated by TM M-ma. For this special meeting, TM M-ma asked somebody to draw a picture in a minute, then speakers to talk about it with imagination. In case drawing was not so clear, speaker faced difficulties…

There were five prepared speeches.1) The first speaker was TM M-i, “My Hometown”.

TM M-i talked about Kyushu as hometown. It was “Ice Breaker speech” but TM M-i had a speech clearly.

2) The second speaker was TM N-ta, “Crushes are painful yet sweet”.

TM N-ta talked about his romance with his wife. TM N-ta looked enjoying speaking this topic very much, but time was over…

3) The third speaker was TM T-ka, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

TM T-ka talked about good role model who give some examples, and gave message of importance to show a way/will.

4) The fourth speaker was TM Y-da, “Are you ready”.

TM Y-da explained about evacuations which was timely topic after disaster. It was strong message to government, and TM Y-da expressed importance of committee.

5) The fifth speaker was TM K-shi. “ Japanese and Taiwanese”

TM K-shi talked about Taiwan and his experience in Taiwan with interesting story.

After intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by TM K-chi. which was supported by evaluators TM W-be, TM P-ns, TM K-ta, TM M-ta, and TM M-to. TM K-chi had a general evaluation getting points well.

Award Presentation,

The best Table Topics winner: TM M-to

The best Evaluator winner: TM P-ns

The best Speaker winner: TM Y-da

TM M-ta, TM I-e, TM M-da, and TM F-ka, thanks for taking a role as a Timer, Grammarian, AhCounter and Vote counter.

After the special and productive meeting, members left for Charter Ceremony!!