Detailed Report for the Meeting on June 18 (meeting #25)

Post date: Aug 24, 2011 2:14:59 PM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) the 25th regular meeting was held at Techno Kawasaki, on June 18, 2011. This was the final meeting in this term ends with a workshop prepared by outgoing president F-ma.TM N-ta introduced “Predicament” as the word of the evening. Then, TM Y.M-wa started to control the meeting as TMOE (ToastMaster of the Evening) as her first time. Although there were sudden absences today, their roles were covered by members voluntarily. This is a good point of VTMC, many thanks for TM P-ra, TM K-ta, and TM I-ki.

A workshop called "Moments of Truth" was conducted by outgoing president F-ma for 40 minutes approx. It was a good opportunities for everyone to consider and analyze VTMC from the several aspects by ourselves. And it let members to know about the operational aspect of the club and what each of us can do to make this VTMC a better place to learn.

After the workshop, prepared speech session started. There were four prepared speeches.

1) The first speaker was TM O-mi, “ Gender Difference”.

TM O-mi explained about differences with some examples clearly.

2) The second speaker was TM M-to “One picture”.

TM M-to talked about her good story of trekking on the mountain with body speaks.

3) The third speaker was TM I-sa, “Ask, Act, and You Shall Receive”.

TM I-sa talked an interesting story with good body speaks, and closed with strong ending.

4) The fourth speaker was TM D-na, “To be the best”.

TM D-na explained about difficulty but importance to be best with example of his speech experiences in VTMC.

After intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by TM Y-da. which was supported by evaluators TM J-ra, TM Y-to, TM K-shi, and TM I-ki. Two evaluators were their first time to do, and also TM Y-da was first time to be General evaluator, but they did well. Award Presentation,

The best Evaluator winner: TM I-ki

The best Speaker winner: TM O-mi

Also, thanks for participation of TM Guests and second time guest.

After the Award presentation, Officer Installation Ceremony was held by Incoming Area Governor TM Ig-shi. Then, Incoming president Ii-shi had an inauguration speech with warm heart.The new term by new officer members will starts from July!!