Detailed Report for the Meeting on May 7 (meeting #22)

Post date: Aug 21, 2011 3:15:29 PM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) the 22nd regular meeting was successfully held at Nakahara Shinkan on May 7, 2011.This meeting was held in the evening as usual after two morning meetings in April after the Northeast Japan Earthquake. Before regular meeting started, special meeting about Toastmaster Organization was held by president and it was good opportunity for new members to understand about Toastmaster.

TM T-chi introduced “Sagacious” as the word of evening. Then, TM I-sa started to control the meeting as TMOE (ToastMaster of the Evening) as her first time.

Thought of the Evening by TM M-to, Joke Master by TM I-ki, then Table Topics session started. The moderator, TM O-mi selected “experience about happiness, enjoyable, favorite, funny” as topics. Five participants successfully responded to questions.

There were four prepared speeches.

As for the first and second speakers, their project was Project 1: The Ice Breaker.

The first speaker was TM T-ka, “My favorite book-Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” . TM T-ka explained about Social Entrepreneur and what she knew and felt, clearly.

The second speaker was TM Y. J-ra, “Breath takers”. TM Y.J-ra introduced her many experiences including boxing..

The third speaker was TM K-ta, “Fuel economy driving”. TM K-ta explained how to drive for minimizing fuel consumption with handwritten pictures.

The fourth speaker was TM T-gi, “One step at a time”. TM T-gi explained speaker’s story about speech and English.

After five minutes intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by TM M-chi.

It was really good session under the motto of “Evaluate to motivate”. Each evaluator gave his /her personalized opinion, positive and having fair and balanced criticism. Although it was the first time for TM.K-shi to have a role of evaluator, TM K-shi explained clearly and calmly very much.

Award Presentation,

The best Table Topics winner: TM T-chi

The best Evaluator winner: TM K-shi

The best Speaker winner: TM Y.J-ra

TM N-ta, TM P.J-ra, and TM M-ta, thanks for taking a role as a Timer, Gr&AhCo and Vote counter. It was their first time to have a role above, but they did very well. Also, thank you for attendance from other TM clubs (TM guests).

After the meeting, Many members went to the 2nd party nearby and had a enjoyable communications.