Detailed Report for the Meeting on October 15 (meeting #33)

Post date: Oct 20, 2011 2:54:48 PM

On October 15, Visionaries Toastmasters Club Meeting #33 was taken place at Nakahara Shimin-kan. The meeting was held as regular time (18:00-20:00). There were total five (5) guest participants including two (2) first-time guests.

TM S-ki started CALL TO ORDER, proxy for president for the first time.

TM M-chi introduced “Rational as Word of the Evening, with explanation paper kindly. Then, TM K-ta started to emcee as TMOE for the first time. At the start of the meeting, TM K-ta had a short speech about his marathon experience and importance of doing constantly related to TM club, then meeting was started.

TM D-na explained “Story of hacking, as Thought of the Evening.

Next, Table Topic session started. TM T-chi conducted the Table Topics Session and TM T-chi chose “MOVIE” as a theme of questions, it was general topic, but not easy...Q1) What kind of movie do you like? Q2) Did you believe ET or something like that when you were child? Q3)If you are last human being, do you live alone or communicate with animal? Q4) Which do you prefer Japanese movie or Foreign movie? Q5) If you are movie director, which actor/actress do you choose?

Five participants including Non-TM guest responded to questions well with their opinion and ideas.

There were four prepared speeches.

1) The first speaker was TM O-mi, “'Priorities in your life'”.

TM O-mi told about importance of decide priority with her usual experiences.

2) The second speaker was TM M-ta, “Inhabitants in the north”.

TM M-ta told about his experience in North Canada where it is very cold, and concluded with notice for global warming.

3) The third speaker was TM Y-ra, “The art of cooking”.

TM Y-ra had a speech wearing an apron.TM Y-ra explained that cooking let us have experiences of many countries.

4) The forth speaker was TM M-ma “There is always a way”

TM M-ma told about her travel in Australia with big drawn map. It was interesting happening travel story.

After an intermission, TM K-shi conducted a marvelous Evaluation Session, which was supported by evaluators TM U-ma, TM P-ra, TM Y-da, and TM N-ta. It was the first time for TM U-ma to be evaluator. Three of four evaluators were over time. It was good for them to explain many things, but it is necessary to complete in limited time. TM K-shi explained about preparation and time management as good point and improvement. Also TM M-chi reported grammarian report rationally.

Prizes were awarded to …

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Y-ra

Best Evaluator: TM P-ra

Best Speaker: TM O-mi

TM M-chi, thanks for taking roles of grammarian and Word of the Evening. Thanks, TM F-ma for Vote&Ah counter, and TM S-ki for Timer. It was good that induction ceremony was held for TM K-ra. In addition, it was good news that guests declared to join our Club.

After the enjoyable and productive meeting, many members went to the 2nd Party over enjoyable communications.

Next Meeting is on November-05 (Sat), 18:00-.