Detailed Report for the Meeting on September 03 (meeting #30)

Post date: Sep 7, 2011 4:44:35 PM

On September 3rd, Visionaries Toastmasters Club(VTMC) Meeting #30 was taken place at Nakahara Shimin-kan. The meeting was held as regular time (18:00-20:00). There were total six (6) guest participants who were one(1) TM guest, one(1) second-time guest and four(4) first-time guests.

TM M-chi introduced “top-notch as word of the Evening, with explanation paper kindly. Then, TM Y-to started to serve as TMOE for the first time. At the start of the meeting, TM Y-to explained about evaluator arrangements for this meeting, which were 3 prepared speeches but 4 evaluators were assigned, since evaluator contest will come soon and we do not let evaluators to lose chances. There were difficulties to have this arrangement, but TM Y-to and the other members discussed and could proceed it. Thank you for your adjustment.

TM M-ta explained “story of the origin of “Apple” and interesting anecdotes, as Thought of the Evening.

Next, Table Topic session started. TM Y-da conducted the Table Topics Session and TM Y-da chose “NEW CABINET” as a theme of questions, it was very timely topic.

Q1) What do you expect from the new prime minister? Q2) same as Q1), Q3) If you get a seat in the cabinet, what seat do you chose and why? Q4) What do you plan to do to make recovery plan for Tohoku? Q5) Which tax increase do you chose? Q6)Do you promote of oppose English education for youth?

Six participants including Non-TM guest responded to questions well with their ideas and wishes.

There were threer prepared speeches. 1) The first speaker was TM D-n, “'Doctor Who'”.

TM D-n told about story of doctor with car key, which remind everything possible. And Doctor was…

It was the first time for TM D-n to have a speech in VTMC.

2) The second speaker was TM N-ta, “Ce n’est pas essence”.

TM T-ta told about travel experience in France, which TM N-ta had a hard experience to misunderstand the meeting of French language of subject.

3) The third speaker was TM U-ma, “Diversification”.

TM U-ma explained about investment and risk management clearly.

After an intermission, TM F-ma conducted a marvelous Evaluation Session, which was supported by evaluators TM I-shi, TM D-na, TM M-chi, and TM M-da. It was the first time for TM M-da to be evaluator, but TM M-da did well clearly and calmly. TM F-ma explained about many comments and suggestions for the meeting as General evaluator.

Prizes were awarded to … Best Table Topic Speaker: TM I-ki

Best Evaluator: TM M-da

Best Speaker: TM D-n

TM K-ta, thanks for taking a role as grammarian suddenly, due to member delay.

Thanks, TM M-ma for Timer, and TM Mo-to for Vote&Ah Counter.

It was a good news that second time guest (TM M-ri) declared to join our Club.

Next Meeting is IN-HOUSE EVALUATION CONTEST on September-17 (Sat), 18:00-20:00.